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Movement, and time are the core of my interests. I work with slidings and torsions in sculptures, superimpositions and volumes in landscapes, and in photographs transformations and displacements.


I'm a figurative sculptor. I use different types of materials according to the concept of each series. Juan Muñoz and Käthe Kollwitz were important influences to me.


I create imaginary spaces based on the concept of time, in the relationship between ruins and contemporary places. These works are photo-paintings in high relief, in which I give volume to landscapes using a fabric technique with hand and machine sewing, and acrylic paint.


I persue doubt. Is it painting or high relief? I subvert what we are used to see as a photographic image. I transform photographic compositions into sculptures. The closer planes have more thickness, and they lose volume until the plane of two-dimensionality. The acrylic paint, the blacks, the shadows come from my passion for Corot.


I understand the present moment as a Baroque era with excess, consumption and extravagances. I work on the concept of banalization and desacralized of the body; the body and skin as a commodity. I reinterpret Bernini's sculptures, inverting the relationship between cover and body. The body disappears and the clothes with their drapes are replaced by skin/parchment, which covers a nothing.


My photographs show a time that the eye cannot see. The transformations of layer of he skin with their displacement are statically exacerbated. I emphasize the questioning, forcing the viewer to try to understand how the process of elaborating the images was done.

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