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Brazilian, was born in Portugal, lived in Yugoslavia, Argentina, Italy and USA. She came to Brazil in her late teens. The intimate contact with classical art throughout life has a great influence on her artistic practice. Lives and works in Rio de Janeiro.


Movement and time are her central interests. She works on different aspects of these two concepts, with torsions, overlays, displacements and transformations.


The manufacturing process and material are chosen according to the work. She likes challenges, and if a concept is not subordinated to a technique, she researches and elaborates a new process. Technique and material are an integral part of the concept of each series.


Her works are figurative sculpture, high relief photo-paintings and photography.


She attends the study group with Prof. and critic Paulo Sergio Duarte (2015/2021); in 2019 Cinelândia group of art criticism with Prof. Ivair Reinaldim. In 2017, Poetic Immersion Course at Paço Imperial, Rio de Janeiro and in 2015 photography course at Atelier da Imagem, RJ.


In 2007 she did Provenance and Property (40 days residency) and Dynamic Encounters at the Venice Biennale, Documenta by Kassel and Münster with Prof. Charles Watson, RJ.


Attended the School of Visual Arts at Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro in 2014 in Contemporary Art courses with Prof. Marcelo Campos, Visual poetics with Prof. Sonia Salcedo and Contemporary Landscape with Prof. Paula Scamparini; 2013/15, Sculpture with Iole de Freitas; 2011/12, Brazilian and International vanguards with Franz Manata; 2011/12, Sculpture with Prof. João Goldberg; 1996, Sculpture with Iole de Freitas.


In 1993 did an artist residency in the USA at the Art Students League, NY; The Art League School of Alexandria.


Participated in group exhibitions and did individual exhibitions in Brazil and abroad.

Curriculum vitæ

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