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George Racz - 2000.

Stella Mariz is one of those artists who works with the vigor of feelings, and humanism in their hearts. At a critical moment for the visual arts and even the future of societies, she courageously centers the work on the human figure, from which she draws a deep and moved expression. Her works are rooted in artistic traditions that emerge in their heyday among some great modern creators, from yesterday and today, spread across the world: Austria, Germany, France and - why not? - Brazil.


An excellent anatomist, with an admirable mastery of “metier”, Stella achieves her best results in figures - whether bronze or resin - all her brutally expressive, aesthetically powerful and communicating.


Expressionist and sensitive, Stella believes in the importance of fine arts and that the work should have its concepts through the plastic content itself, without speeches or user manuals. She says: 'Look, feel: deny or accept'.


And most will agree with her reasons that are clear and valuable and illuminate a beautiful exhibition. 



Georges Racz
Member of the Brazilian Association of Art Critics

Professor at the Department of Arts the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

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