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La Bocca della Verità.

Bocca dela Verità is a Roman marble mask. Its origin is not known for certain, but it was possibly stood on the roof of the Temple of Hercules Victor in Rome. It let water fall into the temple when it rained. Today stays in the portico of the church of Santa Maria de Cosmedin, Rome.

In the Middle Ages a legend was created saying that the mouth had the power of discovering what was hidden. When placing the hand inside, the hand would be devoured if the person was not telling the truth. The men took their wives to question them.

When I went to see mask and learned about its history, I was encouraged to put my hand. A feeling of doubt and discomfort arose.

Regardless of our rationality, we carry ancestral feelings and even living in another time they arise and carry within them the fears of being a female. I left there wondering where my untruth was.

This feeling was translated many years later when I made my version of Bocca hers Verità in 2012. It was exhibited for the first time, at the Cultural Center of Federal Justice, Rio de Janeiro in 2018.

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